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Thank you for your  visiting our page. My name is Atsushi Matsumae, the manager of Yanai Grand Hotel.

Yanai Grand Hotel

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Hiroshima buzzing with many foreign tourists. As you know, Hiroshima has a lot of sightseeing spots like Miyajima. However, if you’re seeking a quieter retreat for your stay, I have a suggestion that might interest you.

Miyajima (Itsukusima Shrine)

Consider staying in Yanai City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Located to the west of Hiroshima, Yanai is just a 30-minute train ride from Iwakuni Station, home to the nationally designated scenic spot, “Kintaikyo Bridge.” It’s also approximately an hour by train to Miyajimaguchi Station, the gateway to Miyajima tourism.

Yanai (White Wall District)

Moreover, Yanai has a rich history as a thriving merchant town, and it has preserved spots like the “White Wall District,” where you can stroll through the reconstructed streets of bygone eras.

Iwakuni (Kintaikyo Bridge)

We offer consistent rates for accommodations throughout the year. Our hotel is conveniently situated within a 3-minute walk from Yanai Station, surrounding eateries, and tourist attractions. Explore local sushi restaurants, cafes, and traditional Japanese eateries in the nearby dining district.

Our room (The twin room)

With a population of only 30,000, Yanai may be small, but its charm lies in the relatively low number of people. If you prefer a tranquil setting for your stay, Yanai may be good choice. Consider making Yanai your base for a journey through western Japan, visiting places like Iwakuni, Miyajima, and Hiroshima.

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